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Author Topic: Suggestions on a sling for a hawken half stock  (Read 63 times)

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Suggestions on a sling for a hawken half stock
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:27:06 PM »
I've been bantering about the idea of a sling for my GPR.  Only for hunting.

I've had a nasty ole cordora nylon one with 2 loops in a nylon strap to slip over the bbl and the rear of the stock, and with the curved butt stock of the GPR, I affixed some recoil gel under a tie on boot to reduce shoulder pain on a twice operated on shoulder.

I've seen the type on some websites with jute and leather loop ends and also a leather lace boot for the butt stock and a leather loop over the bbl.

My one hesitation is the boot style since in removing it (I usually don't leave a sling on to hunt but tuck it in my poke), that going in or out, packing a stand, stool or other drivel, the front loop of leather over the barrel, would obscure the sight picture should a chance shot offer itself... Here, with so few deer, nothing makes sense that would impede a potential shot regardless of how rare!

So that's my conundrum...On one site the gent who did buy a full leather sling with double loops and reviewed (only review) said it was junk with way too light a leather in the double loops... and would never sustain the weight of his rifle...

I do not think I wish to affix sling studs and tie on a sling to them...


Anyone had experience with slings?