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Author Topic: SOLD  (Read 711 times)

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« on: January 18, 2018, 04:52:06 PM »
 I picked this GrayHawk up at a flea market, it had never been shot. I put a TC New Englander rear fiber optic sight on it because my 70 year old eyes can't see sights well.  When I shot it with 75gr of 2F and a 490 ball it hit high at 50 yards with the rear sight bottomed out so I put a tall fiber optic front sight on to give me more adjustment room for different loads.

I shot the gun about 10 times to regulate the sights, it is as new. I am asking $225 for the gun shipped free. It is a small gun with a 24" barrel and would make a fine gun for a youth or lady. With the recoil pad on the length of pull is 13.5 ". The rifle initially had a poplar ramrod which broke the first time I used it. I replaced the stock ramrod with a really stout hickory one and used the hardware off the original one on the new one. About the same time I bought this gun I got an older TC Hawken Kit my dad had and put it together, it is a .50 also and I don't need two of them.

I shot it with factory sights and a Maxi Hunter bullet and the elevation was right on. I didn't play around with the loading any and didn't get a good group with 75 gr of 2F.

I backed the powder back to 50gr and got this 50 yard group with a .490 ball patched with .018 ticking and 50gr of 2F , the orange circle is 2";

Here is the gun, the New Englander rear sight was used.

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