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The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by Rob DiStefano on Today at 10:59:16 AM »
as a follow up in the matter of patching balls, i believe that ...
  • the function of a projectile patch is to act as a mechanical barrier between the projectile and the barrel
  • the obturation of the projectile will force the patch to the walls of the bbl, as in the lands and grooves
  • the patching will "ride the rails" (twisted lands) of the rifling, thus imparting spin to the projectile
  • the patch needs to leave the projectile immediately as the patch and projectile leaves the bbl muzzle
  • the condition of the fired patch can be an indicator of how well the projectile performs, and if the bbl is in any manner compromised
in the case of a .45-70 paper patched bullet, it's perfectly normal, and in fact desired, that the paper patch will "confetti" upon exit of the muzzle.

The Campfire / Blown patches
« Last post by Rob DiStefano on April 09, 2020, 02:32:20 PM »
as i've posted, if the consistent accuracy i'm getting is good, and there is no bbl leading, i could care less if the patch blows out the muzzle in charred pieces.

The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by goingoldskool on April 09, 2020, 11:48:39 AM »
When I run a patch down the bbl to swab, I get the black flaky powder residue,  but no gray streaks... just black.
I've read that folks will dry ball intentionally and pull it to see if their patch is being cut by rifling.  I don't want to do That!
I don't care to pull prb at all!

When I applied the GF to the denim  and red striped, I did as you said... applied to both sides and heat gunned them. I can apply more and repeat the process....?    I mentioned to Doc that I might try applying some mink oil or spit on top of the GF. 
The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by doc nock on April 09, 2020, 11:23:39 AM »
Thanks, Rob...

I don't have access to such gizmos as the first two methods, but I can surely check for flakes

The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by Rob DiStefano on April 09, 2020, 10:45:24 AM »
well, a very good question.  i have several methods that work extremely well.  i have a bore snake bore scope.  i have the ability to remove my gun's breech plug.  but before i did either, a *tight* patch liberally soaked with CLP (such as "breakfree" brand) will indicate the presence of lead in the rifling lands in the manner of lead flakes or lead streaks in the cloth.  not much different than what you'd see with any centerfire or rimfire rifle, where there is end-to-end bbl breech-to-muzzle access.
The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by doc nock on April 09, 2020, 10:21:56 AM »
That's about what I'd have expected you'd share, Rob...the question in my Germanic mind is, how in a Muzzy does one know there is not bbl leading?  I can look thru the breech on other guns and see if there is but not a muzzy... ?
The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by Rob DiStefano on April 09, 2020, 09:48:14 AM »
there are some conclusions about patches - the material, its thickness, its lubrication - that have become dogma in the traditional muzzleloading community.  the proof of a good patch that's recovered after a shot has always been that it's so pristine in appearance that it can be reused, reloaded, successfully shot again. 

i don't believe in that paradigm.  my concern with a lubricated patched ball is consistent accuracy and no barrel leading.  i don't care if the patch is "blown" because i'll never reuse a shot patch anyway.  that's my take, everyone else's mileage may vary, and that's just fine with me.

for the most part my shot patches are not blown through - though again, if they were, refer to what i typed above.  my shot patches typically show lots of burnt coloring, some are burnt and frayed.  the .530 balls i cast for the Colonial .54 are swatched in .015" cotton, linen, or lately the joann's red stripe pillow ticking (which is probably more like .012" thickness).  to prep a patch strip for cutting at the muzzle, i rub the gato feo into both sides of the strip and then heat gun it into the cloth weave.  it's well saturated.

The Campfire / Re: Blown patches
« Last post by goingoldskool on April 08, 2020, 09:34:15 PM »
Shot a couple prb today until the wind made me pack up...  went from a nice 10 mph to sustained 25mph in the time it took me to walk 50 yards, set up the target, walk back load and Shoot!  Target blew down twice and I called it.  Anyway I used blue jean denim and the patches blew apart just like the red striped pillow ticking.  I was going to try a wad, but wanted to see what the denim would do.   
Is it possible that my Gato feo needs to be applied Heavier?   I can definitely feel it on the material, but how much is enough, too little or too Much?  I would post pics, but it's exactly like the red striped pics in my original post. 

Thanks guys,
Accoutrements / Re: Bear Bone Patch Knife
« Last post by doc nock on April 03, 2020, 04:32:08 PM »
Appears you're not the only talented one in the Clan then, Hoss!  Kudos for your son making that for his ole pappy! Very Nice, but you are a master craftsman, IMO!
Accoutrements / Re: Bear Bone Patch Knife
« Last post by tippit on April 03, 2020, 03:58:13 PM »
As you may know the tippit is the end of the fly line that attaches to the fly.  My son who is a blacksmith in Crested Butte, CO made that sign for me with the metal fly!
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